Mrunal Manmay Dash

The Commissionerate Police on Monday took the who were accused arrested last week while trying to loot an ATM at Badhei Banka Square in Old Town, Bhubaneswar and recreated the crime scene to understand the way they breached security to withdraw cash from the automated dispensing system without raising suspicion.

As per reports, the thieves used a simple device (a dented metal plate) which they plug into the teller machine to block cash from getting dispensed. When the customer leaves the kiosk without cash, the thieves would retrieve the money afterwards by removing the blocking device and make good their escape.

Police sources said the looters who hail from Faridabad in the National Capital Region (NCRwould target ATM kiosks in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri. “They operated in several other states as well,” sources said.

As per reports, they managed to loot over Rs 8 Crore from several ATMs in a span of just six months.

The Police had forwarded the three accused to the court following their arrest on Monday.

Manoj Nayak, the ATM Operations Head of TSI (Transaction Solutions International) said, “We have put this ATM under surveillance. It is quite difficult to differentiate a normal customer from a frauduster. The accused had thorough technical knowledge about the operation of the cash dispenser. They not only took away customers’ cash but they also pocketed the money the bank reimburses to the customer during reversal as well.”

The thieves were nabbed by the locals of Old Town on August 25 while trying to loot money from a State Bank of India ATM located at Badhei Banka square in Old Town under Lingaraj Police limits.

The police had recovered Rs 5 Lakh cash and an SUV from them.

When asked, one of the accused said that it takes them around 4 minutes to install the device after which they collect the cash from the ATM.