Pradeep Pattanayak

A female home guard has brought serious allegations against the wife of a top police official in Odisha and claimed that she lost both her legs in a suicide attempt after failing to bear the torture. 

The victim, who is undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Cuttack, has accused the wife of a police officer of DIG rank inflicting so much torture on her that she even attempted to end her life and in the process, lost her two legs. 

The female home guard, Sairindri Sahu, has alleged that she has informed her ordeal to the Home Guard DG in written on August 13. Sairindri also alleged that no action has so far been taken in this regard. 

Meanwhile, North Central Range DIG, Brijesh Kumar Ray termed the allegations brought against his wife as baseless. 
When contacted, the North Central Range DIG told OTV over the phone, “She had been upset due to family issues. We have never mistreated her. Someone might have instigated her to go against us.”

Notably, Sairindri has taken the matter up with not only the Home Guard DG but also with the Chief Minister, the Governor, the 5T Secretary and all the concerned officers. 

In her complaint, she has alleged that the wife of DIG Ray was asking her to do too much physical work, torturing her, beating her up and even threatening her to take her job away. She didn’t even allow Sairindri to take leave. Describing the sequence of events, she further stated in her complaint that on a particular day, the DIG’s wife pushed her and asked her to go and end her life somewhere when she refused to wash some clothes.

“Hearing these words I was under severe mental stress. I decided to end my life and went straight to the nearby railway tracks. While I was standing on the tracks, I fell down due to the vibration caused by an approaching train and fell outside the tracks. However, my legs got crushed under the wheel of the train. When I regained my sense I found myself in a hospital bed,” she said in her letter. 

However, she has not filed any police complaint in this regard. 

When contacted, her daughter Suchismita while refusing to speak on camera said her mother used to return home from the DIG’s residence under severe mental stress. Unable to come to terms with the stress, she decided to end her life and went to the railway track and lost her two legs. 
Suchismita dismissed Ray’s claims of family issue being the reason for her mother's discontent and said they were living happily. She also said that her mother had been upset due to the torture being inflicted upon her by Ray’s wife. 

Sairindri, in her letter, demanded action against Ray and his wife, compensation of Rs 5 lakh and home guard job to her elder daughter. 

Notably, Sairindri, a widow, is living with her two daughters.

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