Suryakant Jena

Despite repeated crackdowns, adulteration of food articles continues unabated in Cuttack. The thriving unhealthy business in the Millennium City was brought to light once again on Wednesday when the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) seized as many as 10 cartons of putrid eggs while the cargo was on its’ way to a bakery unit at Saanta Sahi from Athagarh.

A ground report by OTV from Khannagar where the egg-laden vehicle was intercepted showed that the consignment had a total of 10 cartons with each containing 240 eggs. 

Almost all the eggs in the cartons were found rotting and much to the surprise of everyone, some of them were found hatched. 

When asked about the source of the supply and the knowledge about the spurious food stock, the driver of the vehicle, who has been detained following the seizure of the parcel, claimed he did not have any idea about the same. He claimed this was for the first time he was told to transport the eggs into the city.

Meanwhile, the incident has sent chills down the spine of the public in the Silver City. People suspect that such spurious food articles might have resulted in major health issues among people who depend on scores of such bakeries for snacks every day in the past.

Food inspection and health officials of the CMC have carried out inspection of the seized eggs stock. A probe has been launched in this connection.

It is suspected that many bakery units in the city procure rotten eggs from hatcheries and suppliers at cheap rates and use them in baking cakes and bread items.