Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Well-known Odia film producer Akshaya Parija has embroiled in a casting couch controversy with a girl accusing him of sexual exploitation for a year.

As per the allegations made by the girl, Parija has been exploiting her sexually with a promise to cast her in his movie.

“I am a scheduled caste girl. Parija has captured my objectionable photographs and blackmailing me. He is forcing me to keep physical relationship with him for a year. My marriage has been fixed. However, Parija is threatening to kill me if I marry anybody. I pray for justice,” alleged the complainant.

In response, Parija refused to give any comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, senior film critic Dilip Halli termed the incident unfortunate.

“Akshaya Parija may be a well-known producer, but he was involved in such kinds of incidents earlier too. Only a few cases of exploitations come to the fore based on allegations by the victims,” said Halli.

“Many girls belonging to poor families cherish the ambition to act in movies. However, they are exploited while trying to fulfill their ambitions. These are unfortunate incidents prevailing in the industry,” he said.

Halli further alleged, “Parija has been indulging in these kinds of activities earlier and it came to the fore only after these allegations. It is a well-known fact that Parija often goes to Dubai with girls cherishing the ambition to become actresses where they are exploited. However, these incidents are not reported because of mutual consent,” he added.