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Ramakanta Biswas

The body of a 20-year-old youth, who reportedly jumped into Bindusagar pond in Old Town area of Bhubaneswar last night, was recovered by the fire services personnel on Sunday morning. 

The deceased has been identified as Saishree Jyoti Prakash. He was living in Samantarapur area. 

According to sources, the youth jumped into Bindusagar last night after keeping his belongings like slippers, cellphone and a scooter on the bank of the pond.

After receiving information from the police control room, the personnel of Lingaraj police station and firefighters carried out search operation in the night, but could not trace the body. 

The search operation was resumed today morning and scuba divers were roped in who subsequently fished out the body. 

"At around 9.45 pm last night he called up his mother and said bye. Later, he posted a long note on his Instagram handle. His cellphone became unreadable soon after. He was under depression after being dropped out of engineering course," said a relative of the deceased.  

According to sources, the youth described about unbearable pain he was going through on his Instagram page before taking the extreme step.  

"I should have killed myself long back, but I did not. I was too hopeful. May be for a lot of people, hope is a good thing. It saves them. It keeps them going. It distracts them from the inherent meaninglessness of their daily life. That's great actually. I envy such people. I wish I was like that," parts of his Instragram post read.

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