Rashmi Rekha Das

In the latest twist to BJB college girl student’s death case, police on Monday forcibly took away her mother, who was agitating in front of the college demanding justice for her daughter.

According to sources, before vacating the agitators from the place police had damaged the tent house in the wee hours today.

Ruchika’s mother along with some college students and a few NGO members were protesting at the spot for more than a week in demand of justice for Ruchika.  

Ruchika’s mother had too  announced to observe 10th day death rituals in front of the college today.

But when the agitators reached outside the gate to protest and hold rituals in memory of the deceased, police forcibly dispersed them from the spot. 

Ruchika’s mother was seen pleading police not to take her away from the spot. She warned to resort to extreme measures if denied justice for her daughter. 

However, police paid no heed to her pleas and took her away from the place by dragging her to the police van. 

Meanwhile, a few intellectuals condemned the police action saying ‘It was inhumane on part of police to take away Ruchika’s mother forcibly from the spot in the presence of Additional DCP.

Ruchika Mohanty, a Plus III student, died by hanging herself because of ‘ragging’.  She had left a note before taking the extreme step. 

In the note, she had mentioned that she was fed up after being constantly ragged and tortured by three of her seniors. 

She held the three seniors responsible for her death in the note. However, the deceased had not mentioned the names of the three seniors.

On the police action, Ruchika’s mother said, “Instead of giving justice to my daughter, police are preventing me from continuing my strike. If they touch me again, I will not back down from doing the unthinkable."

Meanwhile, Bhubaneswar Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police said, “We are interrogating everyone associated with the case but yet to trace three seniors. We have left Ruchika’s mother and other agitators at Lower PMG Square as they cannot protest wherever they want. We took action against the agitators after BJB College principal wrote to us saying college environment getting polluted due to their strike.


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