Cassian Baliarsingh

In a gut-wrenching incident of animal cruelty, a dog died after some miscreants allegedly tied firecrackers to its tail and set it alight on the occasion of Diwali. The heinous incident has been reported from Rajmahal area in the State Capital.

While the incident occurred during Diwali, the matter came to the fore after a few members of the International Human Rights Commission lodged a complaint in this connection with the Capital Police.

Remnants of the crackers were still found tied to the carcass. The canine had suffered severe burn injuries due to the inhumane act.

Animal lovers have condemned the incident and demanded exemplary punishment against the culprits. Demanding stringent action, members of IHRC have lodged a written complaint. Similarly, Chief District Veterinary Officer (CDVO) also lodged a complaint in this connection with Kharavel Nagar police.

Police have started a probe into the incident, said Ranendra Pratap Swain, Minister of Fisheries and Animal Resource Development of Odisha.

“A normal person would never do such a heinous act. If some sane person has done this, then they are no less than any terrorists. Even a terrorist wouldn’t do such an act to an animal that cannot speak. Every human being has the right to live, dogs also have the right to live. They tied both the legs of the dog and tied the bomb crackers in its neck that exploded and killed the dog,” said the complainant.

Similarly, another complainant alleged, “They tied crackers to its tail first. When it ran away, they once again lured it by giving food and tied the crackers to its neck. Eventually, it died a painful death. We had called the local residents and asked them. But, before the arrival of any photos and videos, the BMC has taken away the carcass.”

“But, whosoever has done it under the influence of alcohol or a normally for fun, they should know about the importance of the life of a living being. People have forgotten all virtues of kindness and forgiveness," he rued.