Pradeep Pattanayak

The Khandagiri police station in State Capital topped the list among police stations under the Bhubaneswar urban police district by arresting a maximum of 32 absconders against whom non-bailable warrants (NBW) had been issued by various courts, till November 30 this year. 

Similarly, the Mancheswar and Airfield police stations executed 29 and 18 NBWs respectively during the same period by bringing the absconders to book. At the same time, Jatni and Kharabela Nagar police stations disposed off 145 and 132 NBWs respectively.
It is worth mentioning here that different courts issued a total of 949 non-bailable warrants (NBWs) in cases made out by 22 police stations under the Bhubaneswar urban police district by November 30 this year. 

Coupled with last year's pending 2,039 non-bailable warrants, this district has a total of 2,988 NBWs. Of the 949 NBWs this year, while the Jatni police station received the maximum 155 NBWs, Chandaka and Nayapalli police stations got 110 and 104 such warrants respectively.
Similarly, different courts issued eight and 13 NBWs to Airport and Shree Lingaraj police stations respectively. 

The newly set up Bharatpur police station is yet to receive any NBW. 

The total numbers of NBWs executed and disposed off were 209 and 772 respectively by November 30 this year. 

Till that date, as many as 2007 NBWs were pending for execution at different police stations. Jatni has maximum 332 pending NBWs, followed by Nayapalli, Sahidnagar, Khandagiri, Chandaka and Chandrasekharpur police stations with 320, 132, 130, 128 and 101 NBWs respectively.