Pradeep Pattanayak

Police on Thursday detained four persons for their involvement in forceful eviction in the Airport area under Airport Police limits in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday. 

Like the gang of bouncers recently apprehended by police, a supari gang has been reportedly unleashing a reign of terror in the capital city of Bhubaneswar. The gang members are reportedly hired on contract to carry out forceful evictions from property or houses. They vacate the disputed building by terrorizing and attacking the occupants. 

The same thing happened in the Airport area in Bhubaneswar in broad daylight on Wednesday. Over 20 members of a supari gang wielding weapons like swords and knives reached a house and started beating up the wife of the house owner. In a bid to terrorize the occupants, they threw the furniture away from the house. 

Local people immediately contacted the police, seeking their help. By the time the police reached the spot, the miscreants had already left the place. 

The police launched an investigation and detained four members of the said gang. They also seized the car used by the miscreants. The residents of the locality have since been in fear and apprehension. 

“Mahapatra Babu is my neighbour. Some 40 to 50 ruffians came to his house and thrashed his wife black and blue. They threw away furniture and also decamped with valuables. It is very unfortunate that it happened in our colony where we are staying with our families. If they have any dispute, it should be resolved legally,” observed a female resident of the locality.

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