Ramakanta Biswas

News Highlights

  • Sumati Nayak of Mahipur village in Nayagarh defeated Covid-19 in just 10 days and returned back to her home from hospital recently

Amid despair and gloom due to Covid-19 related mortalities in the second wave of the pandemic, a 100-year-old woman in Odisha’s Nayagarh district rekindled hopes in many by emerging victorious over the disease.

With her strong willpower, Sumati Nayak of Mahipur village under Nuagaon tehsil of Nayagarh district has defeated Covid-19 in just 10 days and returned back to her home from hospital recently.

The battle of the centenarian against Covid-19 was nothing sort of a miracle. When she was shifted to Khandapada Covid Care centre after contracting the virus on June 6, her family members had little hope that she would make it. Her oxygen saturation dipped dangerously and her health condition turned critical. 

However, neither Sumati nor the doctors treating her had lost the hope. The treating physicians and other healthcare workers at the Covid Care Centre played a crucial role in giving a new lease of life to the elderly woman. The nurses went beyond their call of duty to provide a home-like care to Sumati. After receiving 10 days of treatment, she recovered from the disease and returned home on June 16.

“Initially she was not taking food and we administered her saline. Gradually we started giving her liquid food. Though it was a challenge for us to keep her safe, our efforts paid dividends due to God’s grace and her strong willpower. She completely recovered from the infection and was discharged on June 16,” said Dr Pradeep Paikray of Khandapara Covid Care Centre.

Speaking about her inspiring fightback against Covid, Nayagarh Collector Poma Tudu said, “It is really motivating for us that a 100-year-old woman defeated Covid-19 in our district. It will motivate us in future that we will emerge triumphant over the virus.”