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Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Fully vaccinated people are less likely to be critical and hospitalised as compared to unvaccinated people post Covid-19 infection, said Odisha Health Director Bijay Mohapatra on Friday.

“Covid infected patients suffer internal infections after recovery. Internal organs like heart, lung and brain are affected more post the infection. However, the post Covid complications are less on the fully vaccinated people,” said Mohapatra.

The top health official urged the people in the State to get the double doses of vaccines at the earliest as the effect of post-Covid effects on the fully vaccinated people are less.

“Covid-19 has serious effects on the unvaccinated people. Mostly the unvaccinated people are getting critical and they require hospitalisation during the infection. They are most likely to suffer from serious infections in their internal organs post the infection. Hence people should be more careful. They should take the double doses of vaccination as soon as possible,” said Mohapatra.

He also urged people to avoid crowd during the upcoming Durga Puja to avert a spurt in the Covid-19 cases after the festivity.

“It will not at all be possible to maintain social distancing during Puja times. So, everybody should be careful to avoid crowd. I request one and all to adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines strictly during the crucial festival time to keep the pandemic under control,” said Mohapatra.

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