'World's bright spot': IMF applauds India for maintaining fiscal discipline in election year

The IMF commends India for maintaining fiscal discipline during an election year, highlighting its robust economy with a projected growth of 6.8% for 2024-25. Despite global challenges, India's sound macroeconomic fundamentals and strategic investments are set to bolster its position as a major global growth driver.


 The International Monetary Fund has applauded India for maintaining fiscal discipline in an election year, saying that the Indian economy is doing well and continues to be the world's bright spot.

"At this point in time, India's economy is doing well. Growth at 6.8 per cent is very good. Inflation's coming down. We have to make sure that inflation comes down to target and it is there on a durable basis. Macro fundamentals look pretty good," Krishna Srinivasan, Director, Asia and Pacific Department, at the IMF told PTI in an interview.