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It may be a lifelong goal for many young people to own their own homes, but it might not be the best option for every person. Renting might make more sense for some people due to their financial situations.

No maintenance costs or repair bills

Renting a house comes with the benefit of not having to pay for maintenance or repairs. This means that when you rent the property, your landlord is fully responsible for all maintenance, improvements, and repairs. The landlord is responsible for fixing or replacing an appliance or a leaky roof if they stop working or leaks.

Access to amenities in apartment complexes

The benefit of renting apartments is that many of them come with amenities that would otherwise be very expensive to buy and then require more money for maintenance. A fitness centre or in-ground pool are examples of amenities available at affordable apartment complexes.

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No real estate taxes

There are several benefits to renting over buying, one of which is that tenants do not have to pay property taxes. Homeowners pay property taxes, which can be a significant burden. In some areas, the high property tax can upset financial plans.

No down payment

Tenants also benefit when it comes to up-front costs. For instance, many tenants pay a security deposit equal to one-two months rent, and that's usually it. As long as they don't damage the rental property, this deposit is returned to them when they move out.

More flexibility when it comes to choice of location

The reality is that renters can live practically anywhere, while homeowners are limited to areas where they can afford to buy. It is entirely possible for renters to live in an expensive city such as Mumbai, even though most home buyers cannot afford it. Despite the high rents in areas where home values are also high, renters often find affordable monthly payments.

Having a home can prove beneficial to homeowners over the long run since they can accumulate equity in their property. Renters have nothing to show for their years of rental payments. Renting might be a better option for those who do not want to deal with the hassles, expenses, and taxes associated with homeownership.