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Bhubaneswar: After a spectacular “great conjunction” of the outer giant planets, Skygazers will get to witness the final full Moon or Cold Moon of 2020 will appear in the night sky on December 29-30. In India, Cold Moon will appear on December 30.

The full Moon of December is known as the Cold Moon in the northern hemisphere because of the prevailing cold weather in the region. During the spectacular lunar event, the moon will appear like bright orange.

Date and time

The Cold Moon will appear 100 per cent in the Indian skies on December 30 at around 9 PM. In North America, the full Moon will be visible on December 29. The full Moon will appear on the eastern horizon about 15-20 minutes after the moonrise time.

Why Cold Moon Look Orange ?

At the time of moonrise, the reflected sunlight is seen by the observer on Earth. This sunlight reaches the observer after passing through the Earth’s atmosphere. What actually happens is that light towards the blue end of the spectrum scatters on particles due to shorter wavelengths. On the other hand, light towards the red end of the spectrum travels through the atmosphere without much scattering because of longer wavelengths. As a result of this, moonrise appears to be bright orange, turning to a pale yellow as it rises, then finally to a bright white orb.

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