7th Pay Commission: Annual salary revision for Govt employees!

New Delhi/Bhubaneswar: At a time when the Central government employees are still in a state of ambiguity related to the further increase in their minimum pay by the Narendra Modi-led BJP government, a news is doing the rounds that the government may consider annual revision of salary and allowances.

The government is yet to take a final call whether to bring in the new norms for salary revision instead of forming any pay commission after the recent 7th Pay Commission, revealed a source.

In case the Modi government takes a decision on this, the salary revision might be done every year taking into account the available data and price index instead of waiting for long ten years to revise the salary and allowances (as per 7th Pay Commission Chairman Justice A K Mathur’s earlier view on Aykroyd formula).

What is Aykroyd formula?

This formula is attributed to Dr Aykroyd who worked on nutrition for nearly 30 years and was director of the Nutrition Division, Food and Agriculture Organisation, United Nations. In 1935, he was appointed director of the government’s nutritional research centre in India. This formula takes into account the three basic needs of human being while considering pay hike and salary structure.

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On the other hand, the minimum pay hike demand of the government employees suffered a setback recently when a minister said that the government is not mulling to hike the minimum pay. However, news are there that the employees may get a hike before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

With the growing resentment among the employees, the government will definitely come up with a decision before the general polls as it will not take risk of losing votes, said a retired government employee.

“Ahead of general elections next year, the BJP-led central government is mulling to implement the pay hike for central government employees,” The Sen Times reported citing a senior government official.

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“The government will also consider raising the retirement age of all central government employees from the present 60 to 62 years. The decisions may be taken to achieve the aim at luring central government employees to turn voters in support of BJP,” the official added.

Photo Credit: PTI