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Indulge in your favourite meals and explore the gastronomic delights by replacing your regular foods with these healthy ones. Instead of sugar, add honey; combine green gram with other pulses; and use rock salt instead of regular table salt.

Here is why these 5 foods are classified as superfoods by Ayurveda:

Mudga (green gram) :

Ayurveda recommends eating green gram every day. All vata, pita, and kapha doshas are supported and cured by moong dal, as it helps in digestion, increases appetite, prevents excessive acid production, makes the skin glow, treat diarrhoea and manages eye problems as well.

Honey :

Aka madhu, is the most significant medicine used in Ayurveda. It is used to treat leprosy, cough, hiccups, vomiting, asthma, eye disorders, wound healing and aids in increasing body mass. As per Ayurveda, there are 8 varieties of honey, each treating a particular disease. Don't consume heated honey as it can be harmful.

Saindhava (rock salt) :

Ayurveda hails saindhava as the best salt — purest and unprocessed. It contains 84 trace elements, such as potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper and more. The rock salt improves digestion, boosts metabolism, stabilises blood pressure, boosts immunity, treats respiratory troubles, reduces stress, promotes healthy skin and also crystals are capable of purifying air. It also helps with weight loss, cleanses hair  and strengthens bones.

Amalaki (amla or Indian gooseberry) :

The humble fruit is rich in Vitamin C and is easily absorbed by the human body. Amla balances stomach acids, purifies body fluids, including blood. The tiny fruit supports functions of the heart, lungs, liver and urinary system. Amla also nourishes the brain, promotes healthy mental functioning, maintains a regular menstrual cycle and enhances the hair and skin. It supports all three doshas: kapha, pitta and vata.

Ghee :

Ghee or clarified butter, stimulates digestive juices and leads to better assimilation of nutrients. The healthy lubricant moisturises the body internally as well as externally and reduces dryness. It is abundantly rich in butyrate fatty acid (essential for intestinal walls) and  vital for leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome. It increases memory power and benefits the eyes. Ghee also treats allergies, inflammation, arthritis and increases immunity.

Indulge in these superfoods regularly as they are effortless to combine with your everyday meals.

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*Disclaimer: Information provided here is for general purpose only. It is not a substitute for professional advice.