Summer blues! Beat the heat with these traditional cool drinks

It’s April and intense summer is already giving everyone worries. As scorching sun and soaring temperatures slowly start to make life unbearable, staying healthy and cool is the only way to beat the heat.

Staying hydrated is the easiest way to keep going in this sweltering heat and what better way to do it than with a sip of summery beverage that not only satisfies your thirst but also keeps your body cool.

We suggest a bunch of refreshing traditional drinks that you should always try.

Coconut water: Want to keep summer blues at bay, help yourself with a glass of chilled coconut water. The mild sweetness and fresh taste of coconut will not only leave you with a feeling rejuvenated but will enrich you with rich source of electrolytes.

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Lassi: There is not a richer drink than this smooth and creamy yogurt-based refreshment. With so many ingredients, you can give a variety to this drink that will not only satisfy your summer thirst but will be so relishing that you would not need anything other refreshment for few hours.

Sugarcane juice: Add a bit of black salt, slice of lemon, few ice cubes and you will have a glassful of sweet sugarcane juice which is so refreshing that you will not be satisfied with just a single glass.

Watermelon juice: Found in abundance, watermelons are the best fruit to beat the intense heat not only because of its low cost but its super refreshing properties thanks to large amount of minerals and water.


Lemonade (Nimbu Pani) : The most sought after summer drink, lemon water is also the cheapest refreshment to keep you cool. With lemons, salt, water, mint leaves and sugar, you can add pinch of cumin, black pepper to make the most interesting summer drink.

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Wood Apple juice: One of the most common summer drinks in the country, the ‘sherbet’ of ‘Bael’ (Wood Apple) can be found in every household. Its light syrupy beautifully smelling content becomes more appetizing if you can add banana, butter, grapes, black pepper to the Bael juice.

Aam Panna: During summer, one fruit which rules the hearts of everyone is mangoes. Not only for their delicacy, but various types of recopies made from mangoes are quite sought after. A sweet-sour juice prepared from roasted mangoes pulped out in cold water serves as one of the most effective drink against the summer heat.


Jaljeera: Another popular drink, chilled Jaljeera is not only cool and refreshing but also good for digestion. Prepared with a variety of spicy ingredients like cumin, black pepper, ginger, black salt, it is easy to prepare at home.

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