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Mumbai: On the occasion of Teachers' Day on September 5, several TV actors shared the important life lessons they have learnt in life during the ongoing pandemic.

"I felt the life we live these days is too fastpaced and the pandemic brought everything to a standstill. We were too engrossed in our daily life that we generally neglected life as a whole. This phase taught me to be patient," said actor Namish Taneja.

He added: "The lockdown taught me to live life to the fullest in the present and not take anything for granted - life is unpredictable. It taught me to live in the present. It taught me not to mess my present to try to sort my future. And lastly to live life with happiness."

Actress Sneha Wagh had something similar to say. "While this is a difficult situation for many and it might seem like a roadblock, the pandemic has taught me to talk, treat and behave with everyone with more humbleness and kindness. I make sure I am gentler with people because we never know what they are going through. Empathy for once is more important," she said.

Actress Tina Philip has learnt to value the simple things like good food. "Also, to be grateful for good health and a roof over my head. A lot of people left Mumbai because of soaring rents, but I am grateful that I have got the opportunity to work during this time of crisis. I feel so blessed. This year, I think the pandemic has been everyone's teacher and has taught some life lessons to all."

Actor Rahul Sharma learnt a lot from the pandemic and lockdown. "It taught me to be patient and mentally strong. I learned how important it is to know my own self and spend time not only with others but also myself. Due to this, I got answers to many questions as to why we do many things in life. It is said that attaining self-knowledge is like attaining the whole world. So, I went to achieve enlightenment and started learning about myself. With respect to creativity, I opened my YouTube channel and showcased my poems and stories there," he shared.


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