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Basyukta Basuprava

Actor Sonu Sood turned into a Messiah for many this pandemic after he was seen extending all kinds of help to students, medical patients, and others. However, some have pointed fingers at his intentions.

Recently, a person called Snehal asked Sonu's help for the treatment of his ailing child on Twitter to which he offered his help.

Now, a Twitterati has alleged Sonu of running a PR stunt to build his reputation as the above mentioned ‘Snehal’s’ account doesn’t seem to be a real account. He wrote. “New Twitter A/c Only 2-3 followers One TweeNever tagged Sonu Sood No location mentioned No contact details No email address But Sonu Sood somehow found the Tweet and offered help. Most of the earlier handles who sought help deleted their tweets This is how PR team works,”

This was followed by a clash between Sonu’s fans and those questioning him. Several people came forward to call him for allegedly fooling people along with a flood of memes. This is not the first time, he has faced these allegations.

The Singham actor finally broke his silence on these allegations and said “That’s the best part brother. I find a needy & they somehow find me. It’s about. 'INTENTIONS’, but u won’t understand. Tom patient will be in SRCC Hospital kindly do ur bit. Send some fruits for him. Someone with 2-3 followers will be happy to get some love from a man with followers,” He also shared the receipts and test reports of the child admitted to the hospital to clear out his name.

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