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Rashmi Ranjan

Bhubaneswar: The trailer of Ram Gopal Varma’s movie Thriller starring Odisha’s Apsara Rani and Rock Kacchi was released on Thursday.

Budding Odisha actors Apsara Rani aka Anketa Maharana and Rock Kacchi are all set to thrill the audience with their performance in Verma’s new project ‘Thriller’. As per sources, the flick will be released in nine languages including in Odia.


In one of his tweets, RGV had thanked Apsara Rani for helping him realise about Odisha and discovering another talent from the State, Rock.

In an exclusive interview to OTV, Apsara had earlier said, “He (Ram Gopal Varma) was even shocked to learn that I was from Odisha. He was happy about it and excited as he had not met many people from the State.”

When asked about Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial post about her own state Odisha, Apsara Rani said, “I am no one in front of Ram Gopal Varma. To be very honest, I am afraid to speak to him directly as he is my director and like a father-figure. He is not my friend or someone of my age and he is a big celebrity and I cannot question him.”

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