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Disney and Pixar are changing the ways of telling stories while challenging societal norms. Here are the top five movies that are beyond fairy tales and princesses.

Brave (2012; Disney+HotStar):

Brave creates a different perception of the Disney princess image. Merida is portrayed as a brave, boyish, rebellious, impulsive, and resolute princess. By presenting Merida as a more positive and resilient role model for young girls or women, the movie transforms the image of Disney princesses.

Zootopia (2016; Disney+ Hotstar):

The film creates an imaginary, wonderous city, Zootopia. It's a wild, gorgeous, multicultural city where each individual matters and is valued. Everyone should watch this movie as it subtly and humorously portrays the issues of prevailing racial profiling, prejudice, segregation, and the struggle for equality.

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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984; Netflix):

The film features adoring trees, communication with insects, and birds flying with the breeze. The cartoon film is an effective illustration of environmentalism and how ignoring environmental damage will only result in human extinction.

Ferngully - The Last Rainforest (1992; Amazon Prime):

The mystical residents of a rainforest strive to protect their home (nature) from Hexxus, a destructive entity that pollutes the environment. The film inspires everyone to preserve the environment and prevent deforestation; it is therefore a must-watch not only for kids but also for adults.

Turning Red (2022; Disney+Hotstar):

A stigma-free film by Pixar is a celebration of growing up, inhabiting the most significant information (often considered shameful) that is typically left out of children's movies. The films create free thoughts for frank discussions about puberty between parents and children.

Learning while playing is wonderful! So, watch these animated movies with your little ones, sharing love and laughter.