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Basyukta Basuprava

The controversial saga of the Kangana Ranaut – Hrithik Roshan feud continues. In another series of events, Hrithik’s FIR against Kangana was transferred to the CIU (Criminal Intelligence Unit) of the Mumbai police and the latter has reacted to the legal move on Twitter.

Recently, Hrithik’s FIR was transferred from Cybel Cell to Crime Branch CIU after his lawyer wrote to the Mumbai Police over the lack of progress in the case since 2016.

The transfer took place after Hrithik’s lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani recently wrote to the Mumbai Police reminding them that there has not been any progress in the case since 2016. Hrithik alleged that he received hundreds of emails for two years from Kangana’s email account.

The lawyer wrote, “Our client also met top police officers when he reiterated all the facts and informed them about the trauma being caused to him and his family. He also reiterated his request for a timely investigation. However, to date, there has been no progress in the investigation, and the aforementioned case is still pending. We thus request to kindly look into the matter and issue appropriate orders to kindly direct completion of investigation at the earliest since the same is pending since 2016,” states the letter sent by the actor’s lawyer to Mumbai Police.

The Queen actor reacted to his legal move on Twitter telling him to stop his drama, “His sob story starts again, so many years since our break up and his divorce but he refuses to move on, refuses to date any woman, just when I gather courage to find some hope in my personal life he starts the same drama again, @iHrithik. Kab tak royega ek chote se affair keliye ?”

Kangana Ranaut – Hrithik Roshan’s fight started years back with a series of mudslinging from both sides. In 2016, Hrithik filed a lawsuit against Kangana when she said ‘These silly exes do anything for your attention”.The actor asked her to apologize for damaging his reputation by calling him ‘silly ex’ and to clarify she wasn’t referring to him as her ex as they never dated.

Kangana didn’t comply even after he threatened her with a defamation suit and she responded in return by slamming a legal notice alleging criminal intimidation and denying the charges.

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