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Kangana Ranaut today hit back savagely at big Bollywood production houses that filed a civil suit against leading news channel anchors. These include  Arnab Goswami and Pradeep Bhandari of Republic TV and Navika Kumar and Rahul Shivshankar of Times Now as well as social media platforms and unknown defendants.

In this civil suit, the associations have made a demand that all the above entities and people should be stopped from publishing or making irresponsible, defamatory, and derogatory remarks against Bollywood. Four Bollywood associations filed this civil suit in the High Court of Delhi along with 34 Bollywood producers.

The studios that filed this petition include Red Chillies Entertainment of Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn Films, Aamir Khan Productions, Salman Khan Films, Farhan Akhtar's Excel Entertainment, and Karan Johar's Dharma Productions.

Kangana Ranaut Slams #BollywoodStrikesBack Trend With Series of Tweets

The Queen actress who earlier featured on Republic Bharat and slammed Bollywood for promoting nepotism could not hold back after this news. In a series of tweets, both in Hindi and English, the National Award-winning actress slammed Bollywood and called it Bullywood-the gutter of drugs.

Alleging that big names hide each other's secrets, she wrote, "There is an unwritten law in the film industry ‘you hide my dirty secrets I will hide yours’ the only basis of their loyalty to each other. Since I am born I am seeing only these handful of men from the film families run the industry. When will this change?"

In the same thread, the actress wrote, "Big heroes not only objectify women but also exploit young girls, they don’t let young men like Sushant Singh Rajput come up, at the age of 50 they want to play school kids, they never stand up for anyone even if people are being wronged before their eyes."

Answering to the #BollywoodStrikesBack trend, Kangana Ranaut said, "Bullywood the gutter of drugs, exploitation, nepotism, and jihad it’s the lid is off instead of cleaning this gutter #BollywoodStrikesBack well file a case on me also, till the time I am alive I will continue to expose you all #BollywoodStrikesBack."

Citing how Sushant Singh Rajput must have felt after the industry allegedly isolated  him, the actress wrote, "बॉलीवुड के गटर में रेंगने वालों अब पता चला कैसा लगता है जब सारे देश के सामने बेइज़्ज़त किया जाता है, निशाना बनाया जाता है,आइसलेट किया जाता है। क्यूँ कहीं छुप या भाग जाने का मन कर रहा है? तुम इतने सारे भेड़िए हो झुंड में, अकेले का मन तो करेगा की मर जाए,नहीं? #BollywoodStrikesBack."

She further added, "मैं कई सालों से बॉलीवुड में शोषण और बुलीइंग की शिकायत कर रही हूँ आज़ उसी कारण एक कलाकार की मृत्यु हो गयी, अगर शुशांत की मृत्यु के बहाने बॉलीवुड का गटर साफ़ हो रहा है तो इनको इतनी तकलीफ़ क्यूँ हो रही है इसका भी सारा हिसाब है मेरे पास #BollywoodStrikesBack."

The civil suit filed by the Bollywood biggies does not include Kangana's name. However, if she continues her tirade against the industry in this way, they may think of doing the same.

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