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Today is World Mental Health Day. Kangana Ranaut who herself earlier battled with depression took to Twitter to share her message. She urged her fans to watch her movie Judgemental Hai Kya based on mental issues. The post also includes a clip from this movie with a caption that says, "Break The Stigma. World Mental Health Day."

In her post, the Queen actress penned, "The film that we made for Mental Health awareness was dragged to the court by those who run depression ki Dukan, after media ban, name of the film was changed just before the release causing marketing complications but it’s a good film, do watch it today #WorldMentalHealthDay."


Kangana Ranaut Takes a Dig At Deepika Padukone With Her Post on Mental Health

In this post, Kangana takes a dig at Deepika Padukone who herself fought depression and even supports NGOs working in the mental health field. It was Deepika who urged fans to understand depression and be patient after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.


But Kangana Ranaut slammed her for trying to gain sympathy. And through this post, Kangana once again seems to be taking a dig at Deeps.

Hrithik Roshan Says Mental Health is As Important as Body Health

Krrish actor Hrithik Roshan also shared a message on World Mental Health Day. Tagging the post of Dr. Harish Shetty that said, "#EmotionalHygiene is as important as #PhysicalHygiene!" the superstar wrote, "Rightly said, Doctor! The mind & body form a beautiful union, to keep us healthy. Let us not take either for granted. Mental well being is as REAL as the health of our body."

Apart from Indian celebrities, international big names also shared their views on mental issues. International footballer Cristiana Ronaldo penned, "This World Mental Health Day let’s get stronger together. Join me in showing your support."


Since the last few years, people have become more open about their mental issues and discussing them. The final straw was the coronavirus pandemic and the death of Sushant Singh Rajput that triggered a huge debate and discussions on mental issues like depression, bipolar disorder, and more.

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