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With Zack Snyder's Justice League, otherwise popularly known as "Snyder Cut", creating all the buzz after it dropped last week on HBO Max. As viewers are thrilled to see their favourite superheroes unite, Bollywood fans are definitely feeling the void with the lack of superheroes in B-town. But we did some wishful thinking and re-imagined the superheroes of Justice League with our favourite stars from Katrina Kaif to Ranveer Singh.

Take a look at the desi star cast of Justice League –

Hrithik Roshan as Batman

Is there anyone apart from the Greek God of Bollywood himself to play the dashing yet mysterious role of Batman? With his ripped body and action skills, the actor who thrilled as Krrish can nail the black suit again but this time as Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

Ranveer Singh as Superman

The strongest superhero, superman has also a crazy side to him so balancing every side of the superhero will be tough but the versatile Ranveer Singh can do it all. Also the fact he might be the only one in B-town who can carry off the red and blue Superman suit with confidence.


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Ranbir Kapoor as Flash

Super fast, witty, humorous and popular with the ladies, does anyone’s name rings a bell? Bollywood’s chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor ticks all the boxes when it comes to being the fast as the thundering fast superhero.

John Abraham as Aquaman

Aquaman’s humongous body and deadly combat skills make him one of the most killer superhero in the DC universe. When it comes to Bollywood, if there is one star that is synonymous with the killer body and action sequences in Hindi films, it is John Abraham. Playing, the underwater God and protector of the water world would come at ease to John as we already have seen him being the hero who saves the world from danger in many movies.

Katrina Kaif as Wonder Woman

Katrina Kaif has already being bagged to play the first female superhero in Bollywood. So, it goes without saying that if there’s a badass female star that can pull off the challenging and landmark role of Wonder Woman, it is Kat. This is because Kat is one of the fittest actors in the industry and she can stand out among the crew of heroes like no one else.


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What do you think of this star cast and tell us who you would like to see playing the role of your favourite superheroes.

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