Sangati Jogwar

Disha Salian died on June 8, 2020. However, even after her death, Disha's phone remained active for more than a week. The latest report indicates that someone used her phone multiple times after her death. These details came out after CBI started investigating the link between the death of Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian.

Who Was Using Disha Salian's Phone Even After  Her Death?

According to Times Now, someone used Disha's phone between 9th June and 17th June. The call log details reveal that an unknown person used her phone on 9th June, 10th June, 15th June and last on 17th June for accessing the internet. The call log details also reveal that a few calls were also made from Disha's phone.

Importantly, since Disha died mysteriously, police should have taken her phone in their custody. Insider sources also suggest that her phone was not with the family members. These new details point out that there have been lapses from Mumbai police.

And in the case, the phone was in the custody of the Mumbai police who was the person using Disha's phone. Earlier reports revealed that although Disha died on 8th June the officials conducted the autopsy almost 48 hours later. Police officials do not have any explanation for it.

Incidentally, the police treated the case of Disha Salian as natural death and hence did not follow normal protocol applicable to a mysterious death. They did not record any statement. It indicates that the officials did not investigate the entire case in detail.

Rhea Left Sushant's House On 8th, Disha Died On Same Day-Is There a Connection?

Speculations are adrift that Sushant Singh Rajput knew something connected to Disha's death and that he was planning to reveal it in a press conference. Incidentally, Rhea Chakraborty left Sushant's house on 8th June. And Disha also died on the night of 8th June. That is why many believe that there is a connection between the two deaths.

Hopefully, the CBI probe will reveal who was using Disha's phone after her death. Also, the investigation might throw light on whether there is a connection between the death of SSR and Disha.