Sangati Jogwar

The Monday episode of Bigg Boss 14 showed Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan getting cozy. While it was Pavitra who took all the lead, Eijaz did not stop her. From kissing him on the cheek to hugging him from behind, the pair really looked as if slowly getting comfortable.

However, netizens slammed Pavitra for forcing her love on the actor. Many believed that the Splitsvilla 3 participant was faking her love and her activities were not at all genuine. In the clip, you can see Pavitra telling Eijaz about her feelings.

She says, "Maine unn tak pohonchne ki bahot koshish ki. Maine genuinely ek cheez aap ke saath try ki kyunki aap hain achche. Mujhe laga ke aap samajh paoge mujhe iss bheed mein. Mujhe lagaa ke woh connect baithe ga yaha pe. I was being nice to you. Pyar ka rang dono taraf se hota hai, ek tarfa cheez koi nahin chal paati (I tried reaching out to him because I felt he is a good person. I felt he would understand me. I felt we had that connection. I was being nice to him. But love has to work both ways, it isn’t one-way traffic). I felt an emotional connection with him because I see that loneliness in him somewhere. I don’t want to lose him.”

Netizens Believe Bigg Boss 14 is All Scripted, Naatak and Fake

Many social media users did not like this behavior of Pavitra Punia. They called the act scripted, naatak and fake. A user also questioned the change in the attitude of Pavitra after the task.

Even Eijaz Khan did not seem to be responding to Pavitra's cuddling and patting enthusiastically.

Sara Gurpal's Eviction Triggered Uproar on Social Media

The eviction of Sara Gurpal was quite shocking for many Bigg Boss 14 fans. Rather the shock was more because earlier Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan were not in favor of this eviction. Later on, Bigg Boss announced that the seniors have the power to decide on one person who can be evicted.

The seniors Hina, Gauahar, and Sidharth shortlisted the names of Rahul Vaidya, Sara Gurpal, and Nishant Malkani. While Sidharth shortlisted the name of Sara for eviction, Gauahar and Hina felt that she had the potential to go ahead. Eventually, the two seniors gave in to the decision of Sidharth on the condition that if such a situation comes up again in Bigg Boss 14 Sid will listen to them.

On this basis, they evicted Sara Gurpal from Bigg Boss 14 which the netizens found unacceptable. That is why many want the seniors removed from the show altogether.

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