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Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial reality shows on Indian television. Every year some new controversy triggers when the contestants come face to face inside the House. However, this year even before the start of Bigg Boss 14, a new controversy has developed. And it is related to the god woman Radhe Maa who is one of the contestants.

Radhe Maa Wants to Carry Her Trishul Inside Bigg Boss 14 House

As is known, Radhe Maa always carries her Trishul with her wherever she goes. She believes that it carries special powers. But the buzz is that the makers do not want her to carry it inside the House. However, Radhe Maa is not giving in to this demand from the makers.

According to SpotboyE, "Radhe Maa is not ready to keep her Trishul out and go inside for the stay. Whereas the production house (Endemol) is making a constant effort to convince her. As per Sukhvinder, her Trishul has all divine powers and if she leaves that and enters the house, she will have to keep her powers also out. But as per the rules and keeping contestants' safety in mind, the channel is not allowing anyone to carry any dangerous instrument inside. Well, the discussion is on among both the parties and no conclusion has come yet."

The promo hinting that Radhe Maa will be one of the contestants of Bigg Boss 14 this year is already out. In it, the viewers can see her carrying the Trishul. However, the makers will allow her to carry it only on the stage. But they are not in favor of letting her step inside the Bigg Boss House with Trishul.

Radhe Maa Is Highest-Paid Contestant On Bigg Boss 14

According to reports, the god woman is the highest paid contestant on Salman Khan's reality show. Reportedly, the makers are paying her Rs. 25 lakhs per week for being a part of Bigg Boss this year.

Incidentally, there were rumors a few years ago that Radhe Maa will be a contestant in Bigg Boss 9.  However, things did not turn out as the makers wanted and the god woman even slapped a legal notice to those spreading such rumors.

The Bigg Boss 14 will kickstart on October 3 on Colors Television.

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