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Basyukta Basuprava

Bigg Boss 14 is inching towards the finale and hence the drama is doubling. Rakhi Sawat who came into the BB house as a challenger has been messing up with Abhinav Shukla ever since the start. She started pretending to be obsessively in love with him and even crossing the limits. Now, seems like Abhinav Shukla has had enough and might walk out of the game because of her.

The last episode, Rakhi opened Abhinav’s pant strings while teasing and not only Rubina but also fans got irked. Many viewers slammed Rakhi for crossing the line in the name of entertainment. This is not the first time though, earlier she wrote all over the body I love Abhinav over her body for him.

After yesterday’s episode, netizens are making Abhinav trend and calling out Rakhi for using ‘cheap tricks’ for entertainment. In today’s episode, Salman Khan will try to make Abhinav understand the situation.

In a promo released, Abhinav and Salman are seen discussing Rakhi and her antics. He tells him that he is getting benefitted from Rakhi’s behavior towards him.  Upon hearing that, Abhi folds his hands and tells him he does not want this type of benefit. Salman then tells him that he is overreacting to Shukla gets overwhelmed and tells 'If this is entertainment, I want to go home right now.'

The rest of the house members are seen counseling him and calm him down. Many ex-contestants are also taking a stand for Abhinav Shukla and asking Bigg Boss 14 makers to intervene while promoting cheap entertainment.

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