Cassian Baliarsingh

While the internet has become a paramount necessity, the rise in cyber crimes across Odisha has become a matter of concern for the Commissionerate police. Cybercriminals are not only limited to adults, they are also taking undue advantage of school kids and young children.

In a bid to spread awareness, the Commissionerate police has launched a special outreach programme to impart security training to school students. With the rise in crimes against children, spurt in child pornography, growing trend of negativity among youths and misuse of mobile phones, this move by the Commissionerate police has been welcomed by teachers and parents alike. 

Comprising five members, a special security club will be formed in every school. Moreover, a WhatsApp group will be formed with two staff of every school as members. Using the WhatsApp groups, the Commissionerate police will send alert messages and other important instructions to the school staff who will accordingly teach the students. 

Furthermore, a team of police will also occasionally visit schools and have face-to-face interaction with students. Apart from training on cyber security, Commissionerate police is also planning to impart necessary education on traffic rules and regulations for school students. 

The students will also be given training on the negative impact of drugs and other addictive substances. Students will also be taught about the negative impact of social media, misuse of internet and daily view of pornography.

Moreover, the Commissionerate police also has plans to sensitise students and spread awareness on the rapid rise in suicide these days. 

Speaking to the media, Police Commissioner Soumendra Priyadarshi said, “Not only cyber security, our outreach programme aims to impart education on traffic management, sensitise students on suicides, elopement with boyfriends/girlfriends, drug and alcohol abuse. This is a well-thought idea to reach out to students and spread awareness.”