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Online Fraud: Here Are The Tips From SBI To Keep Your Money Safe

Bhubaneswar: With cyber fraudsters on the prowl for their next targets round-the-clock, people need to be extra cautious while doing all their monetary transactions online as well as at various ATM kiosks.

The State Bank Of India (SBI) has released important safety tips for users to keep their ATM debit card and PIN ‘protected’.

The SBI has the largest network with 50,000 plus ATMs across the country.

Here are the key safety tips while using your ATM cards:

  • Use your hand to cover the keypad while using an ATM card at the ATM or POS machine.
  • Never share your PIN/Card details
  • Never write the PIN on your card
  • Do not respond to text messages, emails or calls asking for your card details or PIN
  • Do not use numbers from your birthday, phone or account number as PIN
  • Dispose of or safely put away your transaction receipt
  • Look for spy cameras before you start your transaction
  • Beware of keypad malfunction, heat mapping and shoulder surfing while using the ATM or POS machine.
  • Make sure to sign up for transaction alerts.

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