Leo Tarot Predictions for 2023: Breakthrough in relationship


Love and Relationships

You will feel loyal, passionate and romantic towards your partner as the year starts. Ego issues might arise by mid of the year but will be solved through open communication and putting relationship first then the ego. Major breakthrough in relationship by the end of the year. Excellent marriage proposals for those single this year.

Career and Finance

Your new year starts with a kick. If you have recently applied for new job you should hear back soon positively. Unexpected good job offer also seen. You will be reaching new heights and position achieving higher goals in your projects during the year but major breakthrough seen by end of the year. Stay grounded, determined as some adversity might also arise.

Health and Spirituality

You will be mending your health positively this year though some chronic health issues might bother you but you will come out of it soon through self discipline. If you are expecting any surgery this year, it will be successful and you will gain your vitality back by year end.

Mrs. Bina Sheth
Mrs. Bina Sheth

Mrs. Bina Sheth