• Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Gemini Weekly Horoscope April 3rd to 9th: Don't be afraid to take risks

Astrologer : IANS,

The week starts off with a bang, bringing you a burst of energy and enthusiasm. You may feel particularly motivated to tackle new projects and take on new challenges.

Don't be afraid to take risks and put yourself out there. You're capable of achieving great things, and this is the time to go after what you want.It's important to stay focused and avoid getting sidetracked by distractions.

This is a good time to focus on your finances and make a plan for the future.

You may also feel a desire to indulge in some self-care, so take some time to pamper yourself and do something that makes you feel good.If single, reach out to someone you admire and see if you can set up a date.


Auspicious Color : Green, White
Auspicious Day : Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
Inauspicious Day : Monday
Gemstone : Pana
Ghata Naxatra : Swati
Ghata Chandra : Aquarius
Ghata Tithi : Dwitiya, Saptami, Dwadashi
God : Vishnu
Goddess : Tripura Sundari
Lucky Numbers : 5
Rudraksha : Seven-faced

Rasi Remedy : Be open to taking risks


The body structure of people of this zodiac sign is very beautiful with long arms, curly hair, improved nose and broad forehead. They like ghee, chilli, spicy and oily foods. They develop various diseases at a young age. Anemia, blood-related diseases, temporary weakness, abdominal diseases, etc. are seen among people of this zodiac. People of this zodiac may face paralysis in the old age.

Job & Business

People of this zodiac sign make a living by usually taking up the profession of doctors, lawyers, mathematicians, sportspersons, clerks, writers, poets, playwrights, journalists, politicians, etc. They make profit from book publishing, instrument business, import, export, cosmetics business, theatre business, printing factories, book museums, bookstores, zamindari, educational institutions, etc.

Conjugal Life

There is less sincerity in their love. Therefore, after marriage, they do not believe in the ideal value of one wife, or one husband. They tend to have a lot of sexual desire. As a result, they are likely to be looked down in the society. Therefore, it is difficult to spend married life happily.


They are very clever, controlled behaviour, humor-loving and like using clean, beautiful clothes and perfume. This zodiac has weaknesses of art, culture, dance and music. They are as lazy as they work hard. In some cases, they are attached to other woman or man.

Lifepartner & Marriage

This zodiac wins the heart of others by virtue of intelligence. Because of their attire and attractiveness, they win the heart of girls and boys at first sight. Whoever they falls in love with at a young age, they can't easily forget them. But at the latter stage, they become worthless for this zodiac. Marital life will be spent happily if this zodiac marries Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces.

Financial Condition

They never face any financial crisis in their lives. They acquire wealth by enchanting people with clever and sweet fiction. Finance remains in their hands until the last life. Even if you are born poor, you can save some wealth with the help of others. If they make some money in an honest way, they earn some money in other ways. They spend some of the money on the path of truth.

Friends & foes

Laziness and arrogance are their enemies. Before others know about their skills, they take over all the tasks in advance. They usually do not make friends with anyone easily unless they see equivalence in education, profession and character. Once a friendship is formed, they cannot survive without that friend. They maintain superficial relations with those with whom they have a normal friendship. They have a lot of friends because they are philanthropists.

Family Life

They live away from family. No matter how much they get success in work, the family does not accept their views. This zodiac gives due attention to parents, wife, siblings, friends and relatives and help them. Devotion to the elders and respect for the juniors are loved by everyone in the family.

Aim in Life

They are always at work. Their aim is to reform the society. Their first goal is how to win the praise of others.