Gemini Tarot Predictions for 2023: Rewards, financial issues to get resolved


Love and Relationship

Spending time with loved ones and family will be rewarding and bring new start in relationships. Couples taking next step in relationships in first quarter of the year. By mid of the year some struggles might come be open minded and open hearted to resolve the issue and not take it farther. Make wise choices and come out of blame game. Balance and harmony will be felt again by last months of the year.

Career and Finance

Enough opportunities for growth and creativity this year. Supportive people to come in your life. Retirement for those expecting. You might also leave the job voluntarily for other priorities this year as struggles might be there between the two. Maintain you balance and make wise choices. If there are previous fights and struggle over financial matters in family it will dissipate by end of the year.

Health and Spirituality

If you have been thinking to improve your health and not able to do it, this year will bring new vitality for you. So, start afresh, get disciplined to improve health and it will bring more spiritual strength to you which you will need during the year as other struggles in life will bring anxiety and depression this year. So, get geared up with new vitality to get back again by the end of the year. Don’t be in self illusion that you are alright healthy wise. Some hidden health issues might surface.

Mrs. Bina Sheth
Mrs. Bina Sheth

Mrs. Bina Sheth