Aquarius Tarot Predictions for 2023: Chances of quitting job, change of city likely


Love & relationship

You might feel lonely and tired in relationship which might cause sone trouble in initial months. Mid of the year travel will bring end of a relationship phase and a new start which might be better for you both. Be open to receive love and leave past resentment and move forward during the last quarter.

Career & finance

Chances of leaving a job or closing a business possible in first quarter. Change of city or country also seen. Be careful with your finances also. Mid of the year you might start a new career and experience more money flow. Unexpected money through inheritance or other means possible. Save for the later as goals might be high during the last quarter and your might need more finance. Overall year of new beginnings.

Health & spirituality

New ways to maintain health and connect spiritually will bring more power to you to deal with any adversity coming this year. Karmic lesson will be learned and you will be aware of your spiritual path by mid of the year. Get determined and disciplined to expand your awareness by the year end.

Mrs. Bina Sheth
Mrs. Bina Sheth

Mrs. Bina Sheth