US Vice Prez Pence applauds Sikhs’ contribution

Washington: US Vice President Mike Pence has lauded the contribution of Sikhs in America and asked them to continue to give back by serving in the military and public offices at local, state and federal levels.

“Sikh Community and its issues are always close to my heart and I always admire the contribution of Sikhs in Indiana and across the US,” he told a Sikh delegation in Indianapolis.

During the meeting with the Sikhs Political Action Committee (SikhsPAC) led by Gurinder Singh Khalsa, Pence said that he was fully aware of Sikh awareness issues since his days as Governor, a SikhsPAC media release said.

Main topic of discussion with the delegation was Sikh awareness and introduction of Sikh History in public history curriculum through federal department of education.

The 58-year-old leader also admired the efforts of SikhsPAC for encouraging Sikh Community for its participation in the main stream politics, the statement said.

During the meeting, Pence reaffirmed his commitment to the Sikh community and encouraged it to continue to give back in the form of serving in the military and public offices at local, state and federal levels, it said.

Early this week, Khalsa visited Washington DC and met about two dozen US Senator and Congressmen.

He also attended US Global Leadership Collision where about 500 world faith leaders, veterans and elected leaders participated to influence the American foreign aid policies.

Pence was the first siting Governor who attended Sikh Parade and bestowed highest Civil award to a Sikh in 2015.

The US state of Indiana has passed a resolution recognising Sikhs’ “significant contributions” to America.

Hate-crime incidents against Sikhs have seen a spurt in in America recently.