United Nations: The UN has demanded that all parties involved in the conflict in Syria allow new humanitarian convoys access to the besieged rebel-held area of Eastern Ghouta, after the first delivery earlier this week could not be completed due to a lack of security.

The UN on Tuesday specifically demanded that the aid delivery, scheduled for Thursday in Duma, the main town in the area under rebel control, be carried out.

The objective of the mission, the UN reiterated, was to assist 70,000 people, according to a plan that was approved by the Syrian authorities, Efe news reported on Wednesday.

The call was made by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres through a statement from his spokesperson Stephane Dujarric.

Guterres said that every party had an obligation under international law to protect civilians and guarantee the safety of humanitarian personnel. He said Monday's attacks in East Ghouta claimed over 100 lives.

The violence prevented the humanitarian convoy, arranged by the UN and other organizations, from unloading all the aid in Duma, where it was scheduled to deliver materials for 27,500 people in need.

According to Guterres, 14 of the 46 trucks of the convoy could not distribute all their shipment and, therefore, almost half of the food transported remained undelivered.

In addition, the UN denounced the Syrian authorities for their confiscation of medical materials that were to be included in the shipment.

The UN Security Council plans to analyze on Wednesday the situation in Syria, particularly in Eastern Ghouta, during a special meeting behind closed doors.

The UNSC approved on February 24 a resolution demanding all the parties in Syrian conflict adhere to a 30-day humanitarian truce, yet the fighting has continued since then.

Guterres urged that the resolution be fully implemented and without delay.