Statue of Lady Justice reinstalled in Dhaka

Dhaka: The statue of Lady Justice, a woman holding a scale and sword in her hands, has been reinstalled in front of the Supreme Court’s annex building here after it was taken down on Friday.

The statue, which was installed in December, was opposed to by Islamist hardliners. They said it was erected last year in front of a ground used for prayers during two Islamic festivals.

The reinstallation work began around 7.00 p.m. on Saturday with about seven to eight people working at the site, the Daily Star reported on Sunday.

Sculptor Mrinal Haque told The Daily Star that he did not consider the new site of the sculpture a home at all since people would hardly notice it now.

He said the previous location was the best place for the sculpture but he was happy that the statue at least has a home.

“The Supreme Court authorities notified me about relocating the sculpture there this (Saturday) morning,” he said.

Attorney General Mahbubey Alam, however, told the Daily Star that he did not know anything about the relocation and the Chief Justice was also not informed about it.

Islamists oppose idol worship and consider the Lady Justice statue, wrapped in a saree, a Bangladeshi version of the usual representation of the Greek goddess Themis blindfolded and clad in a gown, as anti-Islamic.