Odishatv Bureau

A bigger, brighter moon also known as "snow moon" will be on full display today night as it will be closest to earth during its full phase until the full moon of December 2026.

The moon will appear 14% larger in diameter and 30% brighter than this year's smallest full moon in September, reported The Times of India.

Due to typical snowfall during this time of year, it has been named as snow moon/hunger moon. The moon will reach its full peak around 9:30 pm (Indian Standard Time).

The TOI report adds that a good view of the event will be possible around 6pm in Delhi, 6.30pm in Mumbai and 5.20pm in Kolkata, around half-an-hour ahead of the sunset at these places.

Last year, the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century 'Blood Moon' was witnessed in the early hours of July 28. The eclipse had lasted for one hour and 43 minutes. A partial eclipse preceded and followed during the entire phase, each lasting one hour and six minutes.