Saudi to extradite nationals living abroad charged with corruption

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia plans to extradite its nationals living abroad and involved in corruption cases, the Sabq local online news reported on Thursday.

Attorney General Shaikh Saud Al Mujab asserted that anti-corruption efforts would continue and suspects in corruption cases who fled the country would be brought back in cooperation with states they are living in through international arrest warrants after enough evidence is collected against them, Xinhua news agency reported.

The suspects are part of the biggest corruption case in Saudi Arabia that led to the arrest of 159 individuals including princes and sitting and former ministers in November 2017.

Some 376 bank accounts of the detainees or related persons were frozen. Majority of those arrested were released after accepting the settlement.

Mujab said that the cases against the suspects weren’t only related to money but also to exploitation of power.

Tough measures against high profile individuals are one of many steps Saudi Arabia has taken to initiate solid economic and social reforms, such as allowing women to drive.