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Islamabad: Reham Khan, the former wife of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, has taken pot shots at the PM over his call for observing 'Kashmir Hour', and said that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is waiting in the wings to take over when the PM's chair is toppled.

In a video that has gone viral, Reham, who had earlier criticised Imran for lack of decisiveness, said that on Friday when Pakistan observed Kashmir Hour for half an hour "some were forcibly made to observe it, and some did it willingly for the sake of Kashmir".

"But now voices are coming from India -- what is Jammu and Kashmir, let's go for PoK, (Pakistan occupied Kashmir).

"They (India) are tweeting, and at the official level they are saying PoK. They are saying Pakistan has been able to do nothing (on Kashmir). All they could do is stand for half an hour for Kashmir, now let's go for PoK.

"Now the question arises, if for J&K they (Pakistan) can stand for half an hour... then it occurred to me what can they do if India goes for PoK? Yes, 'ghanta', they can do 'ghanta'", she said with a smile, punning on the meaning of 'ghanta', which means an hour, and also means do nothing.

"I gave an interview to some Indian channels, and one of them chopped my interview so brutally, like a butcher," said Reham.

"I was speaking as a human rights activist. And Indian journalists were telling me that war mongering is going on, war mongering is going on'. I asked who is doing the war mongering?' Because here (in Pakistan) people are hiding, so who is doing the warmongering?

They said Imran Khan has said he will go to any extent'. So what extent does he (Imran) mean? Maybe he means the extent of LoC, behind the LoC?," she said mockingly.

"And you know Shah Mahmood Qureshi, our PM waiting in the wings. There is talk of the toppling of the chair (of PM). Qureshi said, talk of war does not arise!"

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