Chinari (PoK): A large number of security personnel have been deployed at Jaskol in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) to prevent the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) activists from reaching the Line of Control (LoC).

Hundreds of JKLF activists and supporters from various places in PoK have been marching towards LoC for the past three days. On Saturday, they walked 20 km to reach Garhi Dupatta.

According to 'Jang', the JKLF's plan is to reach Chakothi near LoC from Chinari on Sunday. A large number of police personnel have been deployed between Chinari and Chakothi to stop them at Jaskol.

The police personnel have blocked the highway to Srinagar by putting up electric poles, containers, fences and creating mud piles.

The security personnel have also been deployed on the nearby mountains, expecting a clash with JKLF activists, adamant to march to LoC. All schools, colleges and markets in PoK were shut on Saturday.

Terming LoC as a forcefully drawn line that divided Kashmir, the JKLF members said they would cross it and unite Kashmir.

In a view of tough action by India against anyone illegally crossing LoC, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had earlier said crossing LoC won't be an appropriate step.

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