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Left unattended, Pakistan’s ‘heaviest’ man dies in Lahore hospital

Lahore: The “heaviest” man of Pakistan, who weighed over 330 kg, died on Monday after he was left unattended due to commotion in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a hospital in Lahore.

Noorul Hassan, who hails from Sadiqabad district in Punjab province, had made national headlines last month when he was air lifted on a Pakistan Army helicopter to Lahore for treatment on special directives from Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, reports Dawn news.

According to the 55-year-old ‘s doctor, Maazul Hassan, a top laparoscopic surgeon in Lahore, a female patient had died at the Shalamar Hospital earlier in the day after which her relatives reached the hospital and expressed concern about her death.

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In the chaos that ensued, Noorul and a second patient died “due to the unavailability of staff”, Maaz told Dawn News.

He added that the relatives of the female patient had not intended to cause the deaths but the situation worsened due to the violence.

Maaz told Dawn that while the chaos was taking place, Noorul was feeling unwell and was left unattended for nearly an hour.

“When they (hospital staff) noted this, they attempted to resuscitate him but were unable to successfully to do so,” he added.

Hospital staff said that relatives of the female patient had broken windows, switched ventilators off and hit doctors. They added that nurses had left the ICU during the commotion.

A hospital spokesperson said that they were investigating the incident and needed to look at CCTV footage.

Media reports term Hassan as the heaviest man in Pakistan, but there was no official confirmation about this.

In 2017, Pakistan’s most obese person with a weight of 360 kg underwent a laparoscopic surgery and succeeded to decrease his weight below 200 kg.

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