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Osaka: In a big respite to Huawei, US President Donald Trump on Saturday said US firms could start selling technology to the Chinese telecommunications equipment giant as long as the sales did not involve equipment that threaten US national security.

"However, Trump said the decision on whether to take Huawei off the Commerce Department's entities list would be left to a later date, adding he will have a meeting on Tuesday on the same subject.

"We are leaving Huawei towards the end. We are seeing what goes with the trade agreement," suggesting that fully lifting of the ban on Huawei would rest on a deal to end the trade war," the South China Morning Post reported.

Speaking at a press conference in Osaka following the Group of 20 summit, Trump reportedly said China and the US can be "strategic partners".

Trump said China had agreed to buy a "tremendous" amount of US goods to reduce the trade imbalance. The US will give China a list of the goods it wants them to buy, according to the South China Morning Post report.

On May 15, Trump had blacklisted Huawei with a national security order; the US had publicly asked its allies to steer clear of using Huawei products over concerns that the equipment could be used by the Chinese government to obtain private information.

Huawei responded by filing a motion in a US court challenging the constitutionality of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, 2019.

The Chinese tech giant also asked for an end to US' state-sanctioned campaign against it, arguing that it would "not deliver cybersecurity".

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