BRICS-themed subway train debuts in China

Beijing: A BRICS-themed subway train has started test operations in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen, with the “Indian carriage” depicting elephants and yoga.

The subway train has six carriages including five carriages representing different cultures of the BRICS bloc: China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and India, reports Xinhua news agency.

The Chinese carriage is red and displays icons such as the Great Wall and Tian’anmen Square while the Brazilian carriage is green and decorated with images of footballs and football stars.

The Russian carriage shows off the country’s ballet and matryoshka dolls while the South African carriage displays pictures of diamonds.

The sixth carriage combines cultural elements from all five BRICS countries.

The train has already proved popular among Xiamen residents. The 2017 BRICS Summit was held in Xiamen in September.

The subway’s test operations will last until October 11.