Canberra: A former Australian beautician arrived in Brisbane on Sunday after being released from jail in Bali, Indonesia, following a drug-trafficking conviction that earned her the title of "marijuana queen".

Schapelle Corby was arrested in 2004 at the Bali airport for possessing 4.2 kg of cannabis, and was sentenced in 2005 for drug trafficking, Efe news reported.

Corby served nine years of her sentence in prison, and three years on probation, which she spent under house arrest in Kuta, Bali.

Corby, 39, who maintained her innocence throughout, claiming that someone else had put the drugs in her luggage against her will, was considered the most well-known Australian citizen to be serving jail time abroad for drug trafficking.

A statement on behalf of Corby and her family was read by a member of her security detail at the Brisbane airport.

"In the spirit of humility and in the spirit of dignity, we ask all parties to show respect for the family's privacy during this time", the statement read.

Indonesia's drug laws are much stricter than Australia's with no distinction being drawn between marijuana and other drugs, including heroin and cocaine.

In 2015, two other Australians were executed after being found guilty of smuggling drugs.