Air France plane forced to land in Canada after engine blowout

Ottawa: An Air France plane en route to Los Angeles from Paris made an emergency landing on Saturday in Canada after one of its engines blew out over the Atlantic Ocean, CTV reported.

The Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane in the world, was forced to land in Goose Bay airport in Labrador at around 1.40 p.m. with part of the engine cowling missing, scattering debris across the runway following “serious damage” to one of the plane’s four engines, Xinhua reported.

The crew on board the aircraft handled the incident perfectly and the aircraft will undergo technical checks and it is working on rerouting passengers, CTV quoted Air France as reporting.

A passengers said everything was going as normal for the first six and a half hours of the flight before there was a sound like an explosion.

Then an announcement said the plane would be diverted to Canada. There wasn’t a panic that people would have expected.