Poonam Singh

The Internet is full of animal-human interaction videos while some are cute and adorable, some are just unbelievable. 

Here is one such viral in which a woman can be seen taking her pet lion for a walk.

Yes, you heard it right. It is a ‘Pet lion’ not a ‘Pet Dog’. In the viral video, a woman can be seen casually walking with a chained lion. In the end of the clip, the woman can be seen saying something to it in its ears and patting the lion on its face.

The woman's calm demeanor in the video signifies that she isn’t afraid of the predator, and she is quite accustomed to her pet. Also, the lion seemed to be quite comfortable in the company of the woman.

The Big Cat also didn’t attack the woman or the camera person.

The video clip was shared on Instagram by a user named @k4_khaleel. The clip garnered a lot of attention on social media. However, the place and origin of the video are not known.


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However, the video has left netizens divided as some found it shocking while some found it entertaining.

Many reminded the woman that lions are meant to be in the wild and not chained in houses.

One asked, "How is one allowed to chain up lions? I don't think it's legal." Another person commented, "Stupid humans, set the poor animal free. WILDLIFE ARE NOT PETS !!! Shame on you." A third person said, "Lions are not house pets. They should be roaming free in an open space, like in a sanctuary. Please don't keep them in chains like you would keep a dog."