Rashmi Rekha Das

It’s never too late to turn things around and set example for others. These days, young girls leave no stone unturned to stay in shape and that’s why they hit gym. Of late, a video of a saree-clad woman hitting the gym has created sensation on the social media.

Age is just a number for her. In the now-viral video, this 56-year-old woman can be seen showing her exemplary muscle prowess in the gym all of it while wearing a saree.

This Chennai-based shared her inspirational story on how she keeps herself fit despite health challenges.

In a video shared on Instagram jointly by Humans of Madras and Madras Barbell, this woman can be seen working out in the gym. Despite wearing saree, she can be seen lifting heavy weights and dumbbells and various other gym machines and equipment with ease. 

The woman is reportedly working out with her daughter-in-law. Towards the end of the video, she is also honoured by the staff members along with other women in the gym.

The video clip has garnered over 9.7 lakh views and over 62,000 likes. Watch the video below:

The caption of the video read, "I’m 56 now and still continue to work out. Even your attire shouldn't stop you from doing what you wish to do! My daughter-in-law and I work out regularly. I was 52 when I first hit the gym. It all started when I was diagnosed with severe knee and leg pain."

“My son researched a lot about the treatment and suggested me to start doing exercise. He owns a gym Madras Barbell. I, with my daughter-in-law, do powerlifting, squats, etc. Yes, it cured my pain. We, as a family, keep our bodies fit and healthy,” it further read.

Meanwhile, the woman’s video has gone viral for all good reasons. Praising her efforts, a user wrote, “This is the best inspiration anyone can have and not just inspiring but also breaking every stereotypes that is set for women and more specifically about how to never judge a book by its cover. Best wishes to Aunty.”