Poonam Singh

The Internet is full of viral stuff, right from amusing animal videos to wedding videos to daily life things. Recently, a deposit slip of the 'Indian Bank' has gone viral on social media due to the account holder’s hilarious data filling on the slip.

Netizens are amused after reading that the man wrote his zodiac sign instead of the amount in the amount column of the Deposit Slip.

As per the information on Deposit Slip, this incident has been reported from the Moradabad branch of the Indian Bank. 

Reportedly, a person had gone to deposit money in the bank. He had filled all the data in the Deposit Slip correctly, however, in the amount column instead of the amount he wrote, ‘Tula Rashi’ in Hindi.

Perhaps the account holder thought that the bank is asking him for his zodiac sign as on the slip (in Hindi) it was asked to fill 'Rashi' (amount); so, he wrote Tula Rashi which means Libra zodiac sign.

However, despite the mistake, the bankers deposited the account holder's money as on the slip the bank's seal can be seen with the date April 12 in which the money was deposited.

Notably, the photo was shared by a Twitter account @NationFirst78 on 16th April first; but later, the photo went viral on social media.

Sharing the picture, the tweet was captioned “How stunning are the people”

The post has drawn a lot of hilarious comments. Below we have listed some of the hilarious comments.